2014 Social Recruitment

2014-01-26 20:30:24

2014 Social Recruitment of Zhengzhou Five Star Motor Co., Ltd.

    In 2014, as our company plans to expand production scale, it needs more than 130 workers to do various types of work.

  • Two Motor R & D engineers, annual salary 100,000 yuan;
  • 5 QC Quality Engineers, monthly salary 3000-5000 yuan
  • 130 workshop operators, monthly salary 2500-5500 yuan
  • 1 accountant, monthly salary 2500-3500 yuan
  • 2 foreign trade salesmen.

For any specific requirements, please refer to human resource forum. Or log Zhaopin.com, our company has invested in Zhengzhou Jobs Newsletter Advertising.

Zhengzhou Five Star Motor. Co., Ltd. Personnel Department.