Electric Motors
  • yct-speed-motor

    YCT series of electromagnetic speed motor has simple control and variable speed AC motors.The motor consists of pulling motor (three-phase induction motor), eddy current clutch,and tacho generator.

  • YEZ Motor

    Rated voltage: 380 V;440v;415v;
    Rated frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz
    Protection degree: IP44
    Insulation class: B
    Coolant temperature: -30 — +40 ºC
    Mode of connection: Y wiring method.
    Working methods of the motor: S4, JC25%
    Allowable temperature of winding set: 65K.

  • Vibration motor

    MVE series three phase standard vibration motor is Italy OLI company vibration technology. As all kinds of mechanical vibration of the general excitation source, the product can be widely used in the industries of mines, metallurgy, coal, electricity, construction, chemical, foundry, light food.

  • IE3 High Efficiency Motor

    The face of growing energy demand, energy and environment become the biggest problem facing by humanity. High efficiency motors are the traditional motor improvements, energy saving 10-30%. Therefore, high-efficiency motor is generally considered to replace conventional motors. Through three years of research and development, YE3 energy efficient motors mass production in 2012, and received national certification in the same year. By the end of 2013 into the National Energy Conservation Promotion Unit.

  • y-series-motor

    Y series three-phase asynchronous motor is totally enclosed refrigeration type three-phase asynchronous motors for general purpose, Chinese standard design.It has a high center of the base. The Power level, installation dimensions are both in line with the IEC standard. It can match with all kinds of mechanical equipments both domestic and abroad.

  • Tower Crane Motor

    YZTD series Pole-changing multi-speed three-phase asynchronous motor is specially designed for tower crane and other construction machinery with electric drive. YZTD type has the characteristics of big speed ratio, small starting current, large starting torque, strong overload capacity and so on. As the motor is a squirrel cage rotor motor uses advanced technology of speed regulating by far pole change, there is no brush device which is easy to be worn and torn, also no additional speed-adjusting device. So it is easy to be handled and maintained.

  • yzr crane motor

    YRZ series wound rotor motor is specially used for the drive of rotary in various kinds of cranes. It has large overload capacity and good mechanical property with the characteristics of compact structure, convenient control, easy maintenance. This series motor is divided into insulation class F and class H. Power rating and mounting dimensions in accordance with IEC72 standard.

  • yd electric motor

    YD series change-poles multi-speed asynchronous Motors can apply to various transmission mechanism which need control speed step by step.

  • JR Slip Ring Induction Motor

    JS series three-phase asynchronous motors .
    JR series wound rotor three-phase asynchronous motors
    JS series motors comply with the ministerial quasi-JB563-64 technical conditions specified .
    JR series motors comply with the ministerial quasi-JB564-64 technical conditions

  • ZD Conical Motor

    ZD series motor is conical rotor three-phase asynchronous motors which with automatic brakes. It has large starting torque, reliable braking, compact structure, small size, light weight. This series of motors commonly used in hoisting and conveying machinery industries, special mechanical equipment requirements can quickly brake, frequent starting, running alternately positive and negative.

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