FIVESTAR has made a breakthrough in the field of energy-saving motors

2014-01-03 10:13:49

FIVESTAR Has Made a Breakthrough in the Field of Energy-saving Motors

   On the view of energy conservation and environmental protection, it is effective to take measures of using motor energy conservation in a very high proportion of electricity (about 60% of national electricity consumption). Moreover, researching and developing high efficiency, low noise motors has become the current international development trend.

    Since 1992, the United States released the new energy law, and until now there are many countries beening developing a standard motor production, such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. In early 2002, China also issued a national standard (GB18613-2002) "Small and Medium-phase Asynchronous Motors Limited Value and Energy Efficiency Evaluation Value", which specifies the energy efficiency motors allowable values ‚Äč and energy conservation evaluation values.

    As we all know, the main three-phase asynchronous motor stator copper loss can be divided into consumption, rotor copper loss, iron loss, air abrasion and stray loss. In order to reduce motor losses and improve efficiency of the motor, we usually reduce the motors’ iron consumption, air abrasion and stray losses.

    In industrialized countries, the German Siemens company produces high-efficiency motors, known for its main indicators, and tries to improve the efficiency by upgrading the design, materials, methods, and processes.

    In 2010, Five-star company formally puts into the development and production of energy efficient motors. It is very clear for the benefits of theenergy-saving production. First of all, it improves the efficiency of the motor, up to 7.2% compared with the specifications of ordinary motors. Secondly, various performance indicators are much more excellent than the average motors. More importantly, it is in line with national standards and energy policy. Five-star Mtor Co., Ltd. accessed to national certification test in 2012. 

   With dwindling energy, Five-star Company follows with the call of energy saving, and is willing to take on more social responsibility.