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ZJY Shaft-mounted Reducer

  • Type: reducer
  • Description: ZJY Shaft-mounted Reducer
  • Classification: Shaft-mounted Reducer
  • Application: Applicable to various commercial concrete mixing plants, and high-speed rail and expressway mixing plants.

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■ Product's Introduction


ZJY  Shaft-mounted Reducer

ZJY series of shaft mounted gear reducer with a direct suspension in the host power input shaft on the installation, omit the connection between the two attachments and reducer installation platform. So it has small size, high carrying capacity, can be two-way operation features. Applicable to plate hoist, belt conveyor, scraper conveyor and other equipment, mechanical transmission, but also with other installation requirements of this host supporting.

■ Principle of Work


Common Gear Ratio:1011.21416182022.425

Tooth surface hardness: 54-62HRCAccuracy (GB10095-88) 6 level

Products can be operated in twoways, and if you need, a reverse device also can be configured to achieve single-phase brake.

■ Technical Parameter


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