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1500-1000 concrete mixer

  • Type: Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer
  • Description: 1500/1000 Twin Shaft 1M3 Concrete Mixer
  • Classification: Twin Shaft 1M3 Concrete Mixer
  • Application: Applicable to various commercial concrete mixing plants, and high-speed rail and expressway mixing plants.

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■ Product's Introduction

 High-chromium alloy liner

Reducer:Adopting the Italy brand or self brand reducer and parts,reliable performance, long service life, low noise; 

Shaft Seals: Multi-combined sealing by imported components, avoiding the cement and slurry contacting the shaft head, extending the service life of the concrete mixer; 

Electric Lubricating Pump: Supplying the grease to four shaft end respectively with using four pump cores. It is no need to use flow divider valve, avoiding blocking of the flow divider valve to decrease the workload of maintenance and service; 

Hydraulic Discharging System: with strong drive force and reliable discharging;Discharging door can be opened at any angle, with manual discharging function; The discharging door adopts detachable structure, convenient for maintenance.

■ Principle of Work


■ Technical Parameter


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