YEZ Conical Rotor Motor

2014-02-07 00:24:20

YEZ Conical Rotor Three-phase Asynchronous Motor


   YEZ series conical rotor three-phase asynchronous motor is enclosed cage motor with self-cooling fan and brake rigging (applicable to the construction hoist, concrete mixer and other lifting equipments). It combines the motor and brake device as a whole, has the advantages of big starting torque, strong overload ability, safe and reliable braking, compact structure, light weight, convenient repair regulation ,frequently started free etc.. Connection and installation of any size can be matched with the user.
Operating principle
    Both of the inner circle of stator and runing outer are conical of YEZ series conical rotor motor. When the motor is energized with current, in addition to generating conical rotor torque, it also produces axial magnetic force to pull shaft backward to compress the spring, then the brake wheel is released , then the motor starts running. When the electricity is cut off, the axial force disappears, the brake wheel produces braking torque in the compression spring force to make the motor stop running immediately.
Structure features
1, IP grade: IP44 of this series.
2, Cooling method: the cooling method of this series is in accordance with GB1933-80 "motor cooling method",uses No. IC141 totally enclosed fan cooled with cold steel out of shell and external fan.
3, The structure and mounting: it is B5 (flange type) according to the provisions of GB997-81 "motor structure and mounting code".
4, Insulation class: B class.