Operation and Maintenance of YEZ Conical Motors

2014-01-26 21:34:42

Operation and Maintenance of YEZ Conical Motors

1, Before it is put into use, this YZE series motors should be operated without load for some time and there should be a certain times of repeatedly starting and braking. It can be used only after these tests.

2, This series motor is not suitable for flammable or corrosive environment.

3, When the motor is working, if abnormal noise, vibration, overheating or useless braking and other abnormal phenomenon are found, please stop it immediately and check, do not continue to use the motor before it is fixed.

4, The motor bearing grease should be replaced every six months, the bearing should be cleaned and added with ZL3 lithium base grease, adding amount is 2/3 of bearing space.

5, During the moto’s wroking, if the brake ring is discovered worn seriously which makes the brake torque smaller, the relative position of the brake device should be adjusted.

1) adjustment procedure of motor with rated power of more than 7.5KW (including 7.5KW)
1) remove the screw that connect the lock nut and fan wheel brake.
2) clockwise rotating nut to the limit position, then reverse one circle. About 2 mm in axial direction.
3) tightenscrews that connect the lock nut and fan wheel brake.
4) if the adjustment measures above still don’t work or brake ring has been worn away, you need to replace the brake ring. When the brake ring is pressed into the fan wheel brake, use wood hammer to hit the brake ring around even within the cone, angle the brake surface is 20 degrees. There should be shaving in the lathe to ensure the contact rate with the rear end cover or back cover the brake surface is not less than 2/3.
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